Congratulations and welcome to The University of Queensland Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. 

You're about to embark on an exciting new chapter in your career. To prepare you for starting at UQ, we've developed this getting started page, which provides you with key contact details and requirements for the MD. 

The content here and on the Starting at UQ homepage will help you navigate all the new systems you will use as a UQ medical student. 

Please note that all dates and times stated on this page are Australian Eastern Standard time (AEST).

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5. MD Timetable

Year 1

Once students are enrolled in MEDI7100 Foundations of Medicine and have successfully been allocated to a Learning Community, students will then need to preference a timetable pathway.

Students will preference for a timetable pathway for the first 16 weeks which will determine their timetable for the entire academic year.

Important dates

  • Timetable preferencing opens: Midday, 11 January 2024
  • Timetable preferencing closes: Midday, 16 January 2024
  • Timetable released: Midday, 19 January 2024
  • Timetable Pathway swap deadline: Midday, 25 January 2024

Learning Community 

Timetable pathway groups

Number of preferences available


Pathway groups 1 to 6

You can preference up to 6 pathways


Pathway groups 7 to 25

You can preference up to 10 pathways


Pathway groups 26 to 43

You can preference up to 10 pathways


Pathway groups 44 to 49

You can preference up to 6 pathways

Timetable pathways

The timetable pathways have been built around two teaching elements, Team Based Learning (TBL) and Foundations of History & Examination (FH&E) tutorial. Students will preference a timetable pathway based on the FH&E tutorial (TUT1) group. The tutorial group you are allocated will be made up of 10 students and this group then becomes 1 group of 6 which will make up the TBL group of 60 students.

To search for timetable pathways, please click on your learning community below and then search through the timetable pathways assigned to the learning community. The timetable pathway is in numerical order, and you will need to click on the corresponding number of a group to view the indicative timetable.

The University has provided detailed information and a video about My Timetable on my.UQ – Enrolment and class allocation.

Timetable preferencing

Year 1 medical students will only be required to submit a preference for course MEDI7100, class TUT1. You should rank order your preferred timetable pathway. Your preferences can be changed at any point during the 5-day preferencing period.

Once assigned to a timetable pathway, all other classes will be allocated to your timetable.

Please note, the My Timetable Planner tool cannot assist MD students with planning for their timetable. The above link, Year 1 Timetable Pathways, will provide you with all the information required to preference your timetable pathway.

Timetable allocations

The timetabling system will allocate you to your highest possible preference. It may not be possible for all students to receive their first preference. If you do not preference, the timetabling system will allocate you to a timetable pathway from your Learning Community which has space available.

Please note, this is an indicative timetable, and your classes may vary once your timetable is released.

Timetable swap

From when the timetable is released to students there will be a period where students can submit a timetable swap request. During this time, if there is space in the timetable pathway you would like to swap, the Faculty of Medicine Timetable Team will process the swap request. Students will need to contact the Timetable Team via email at Any swaps received after this deadline will be referred to the course coordinator for approval. Swaps after the deadline may not be approved.


Travel time between the St Lucia Campus and the three clinical units is accounted for when constructing the timetable pathways.  The travel time is as follows:

  • 30 minutes for the PA-Southside and Mater Clinical Units
  • 60 minutes for the Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit

The Brisbane City Council bus service (Route 66) frequently travels between the “UQ Lakes Station” and “RBWH Station”, stopping at each of the hospitals sites where your Clinical Unit is located.

Require assistance?

You are most welcome to contact Andrew or Sandra in the Student Administration Team for assistance by emailing or by calling +61 7 3346 4922.