Congratulations and welcome to The University of Queensland Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. 

You're about to embark on an exciting new chapter in your career. To prepare you for starting at UQ, we've developed this getting started page, which provides you with key contact details and requirements for the MD. 

The content here and on the Starting at UQ homepage will help you navigate all the new systems you will use as a UQ medical student. 

Please note that all dates and times stated on this page are Australian Eastern Standard time (AEST).

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3. What is a Learning Community?

Learning Communities are clusters of health care facilities including hospital and community-based services and general practices. Learning Communities comprise the students and staff based in the facilities and provide a platform where they can flourish in a mutually supportive environment and forge strong relationships and connections.

You will be allocated to a Learning Community for the duration of your time in Brisbane. All students will be primarily based at the MD Learning Hub (St Lucia) for Year 1 and throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to experience other Learning Communities. In particular, all students will have the opportunity to spend 7 weeks at another Learning Community as part of their clinical exchange placement in Year 4. The 8 week elective placement in Year 4 is also able to be undertaken at a different location.

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