Anatomy is a weekly tutorial covering a different part of the human body. Anatomy practical classes begin from week 1. If you are concerned or apprehensive about these classes, please contact the GAF staff well in advance ( You should also contact the GAF Manager if you are pregnant or intending to become pregnant during the period in which you have gross anatomy classes, as information relating to your safety will need to be provided to you. You should also contact GAF staff if you require any physical adjustments or need to bring in medical equipment. 

For anatomy practical classes, a standard while lab coat is required. This must be clean, come down to at least mid-thigh level, be able to be fastened completely, and must not have holes. You are also required to wear fully enclosed shoes and safety glasses at all times when in the GAF. In addition, all students within the GAF are required to wear their UQ student identification cards at all times.

For anatomy dissection classes later in the year, you will be required to provide disposable yellow lab gowns. These can be purchased on campus.