UQMS is the active medical student society at UQ. UQMS advocates and promotes the interests of all UQ medical students, as well as providing ample social opportunities.  UQMS has close links to the administration and academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine and is involved in virtually all aspects of medical student life. 

UQMS has developed an internal branch called UQMind. The purpose is “to provide students with well-being advocacy and support that is consistent, not symptomatic and meets the wide and varied needs of the medical student cohort with a proactive focus towards prevention rather than treatment.” Find out more at uqms.org.

UQMS also holds many social events throughout the year. Even as medical students, you will need time to unwind, so these events are the perfect opportunity to engage with your peers in a less academic setting. You will have the opportunity to learn more and join UQMS at orientation. You will also have the opportunity to connect to UQMS via various social media accounts. If you have any specific questions or want a friendly chat before you arrive, the UQMS International representative (international@uqms.org) is always available to you. 

In addition to UQMS, Ochsner students have the backing of the Ochsner Medical Student Association (OMSA). OMSA is a student advocacy organization run by the students of the UQ-Ochsner Program.

Along with UQMS, OMSA’s mission is to help its students make the most of their education in the MD Program and to prepare them for U.S. residency training following graduation.

To find out more visit ochsneromsa.org.