Broaden your horizons and learning experiences by undertaking elective placements overseas.

You'll gain exposure to clinical and cultural experiences not commonly experienced in Australia. 

From the hills of Nepal to the heart of Europe, UQ Medicine has partnered with organisations around the world to give our medical students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experiences that can't be bought. In addition to UQ Medicine's partners, opportunities may exist with other organisations that have signed a UQ Overarching Student Placement Agreement (N.B. a fee may be charged for these placements). 

Further details about international partner organisations can be found here (under 'Self-Arranged Placements - International Opportunities') and a list of placement providers where the University has an agreement in place can be found here.

You can complete an overseas placement in your home country during an Optional Phase 1 Elective, or anywhere overseas during an Optional Phase 2 Elective in one of your timetabled breaks. Optional electives do not earn you credit towards your medical degree, but they are a great opportunity to boost your clinical training and to add a valuable life experience to your curriculum vitae. Students are also able to complete their Year 4 Elective placement at any approved location worldwide.

A guide to working aborad for Australian Medical Students and Junior Doctors.