Please note this information is relevant for students who commenced in the MD program prior to 2023.


The Doctor of Medicine program at UQ is a full-time, professional degree program which has a continuous enrolment program requirement. To ensure you are enrolled correctly, it is recommended you enrol for the entirety of the year once enrolments open

How to enrol

Please refer to your corresponding course list to identify the appropriate course codes and titles.

To enrol:

  1. Log into mySI-net
  2. Complete all the required pre-enrolment tasks (addresses, etc)
  3. Enrol in your courses – refer to your course list.

Further information and instructions can be found on the my.UQ – Enrolment and Class allocation webpage. 

A student may only enrol in the subsequent year of the program if they have gained credit for all courses for the preceding year (unless approved by the Executive Dean).

Why do the course start and end dates published in mySI-net not line up with the MD program Academic Calendar?

The MD program follows a longer semester schedule. Whilst the enrolment and census dates align with the wider University, you will follow the MD Academic Calendar which contains information on commencement and completion dates.

Provisional enrolment following an appeal

If you are appealing a decision to cancel your enrolment (such as a refusal of enrolment), you may remain enrolled as a student and should attend classes while your application is progressing through all internal and external* appeals processes. However, you will only be able to remain enrolled in courses for which you are eligible and have met the prerequisites for. Should your appeal be dismissed, your provisional enrolment, including any grades awarded, will be removed without academic or financial penalty.

*Provided you provide proof to the University within 10 business days that you have lodged an appeal with an external appeal body.

All timetable related information will be available via Blackboard. The Clinical Unit where you have been allocated may also provide further information regarding your timetable via emails.

Refer to the Placements webpage.

Building 69MD Learning Hub St Lucia

The MD Learning Hub St Lucia is the primary teaching location for students in Phase 1 of the MD program and a predominant clinical unit for year 1 students. Level 4 of building 69 is where the MD Learning Hub St Lucia is located. You will find a helpful team of professional and academic staff who lead the delivery of courses in Clinical Science, Clinical Practice and Ethics and Professional Practice.

Between classes, students will be able to spend time studying in the Student Hub, (Level 4) a space designated to medical students. Students will also be able to book rooms on Level 4 and Level 5 for self-study and to practice clinical skills. Please refer to the MD Learning Hub St Lucia website for further information.

For further information, please feel free to contact us:


Phone: +61 7 3343 2047



Mater Clinical UnitWhitty Building

The Mater Clinical Unit is the smallest of the 3 clinical units in Phase 1 of the MD program, which has the benefit of providing a more personal approach to our teaching program. A maximum of 50 students from each year level in Phase 1 can call the Mater Clinical Unit their home, and most of the teaching takes place in the beautifully restored Whitty Building. This heritage-listed building has been refurbished to create a modern facility conducive to collaborative learning and is home to the UQ MD students & Clinical Unit staff, as well as the UQ Social Work, Nursing & Midwifery students.

The bonus for those students assigned to the Mater Clinical Unit is that they will have the opportunity to attend the PA-Southside Clinical Unit (PASCU) or Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit (RBCU) for the Pathology tutorial or Procedural Skills Workshop (PSW) classes.

Clinical Coaching at the Mater Hospital

All Year 1 and Year 2 clinical coaching classes will be delivered at the Mater Clinical Unit, either within the Mater Whitty building or in the Mater Adults Hospital.

Mater is in a unique position to offer ‘The Patient Volunteers’ Program’ which is coordinated by Dr Collette Sheridan, the principle clinician for this program. Eight (8) out of the ten (10) clinical coaching groups (2 groups per rotation) will be timetabled to participate in the patient volunteers program as part of their clinical coaching experience. The program relies on the Mater outpatient volunteer’s (with at times quite complex medical histories) who attend each week volunteering their time to the program allowing students to take histories and discuss as required. Past students have rated this program very highly.

For further information, please feel free to contact us:


Phone: +61 7 3163 3644




TRIPA-Southside Clinical Unit

The PA-Southside Clinical Unit (PASCU) is the largest of the 3 clinical units with an average of 210 students per year level calling PASCU their home clinical unit. The PA-Southside Clinical Unit is the closest clinical unit from the St Lucia campus and is easily accessed by public transport being one of the stops along route 66 between St Lucia and RBWH.

All clinical unit delivered classes will be taught at Translational Research Institute (TRI), PA-Southside Clinical Unit Campus.

Year 2 Clinical Coaching at the PA-Southside Clinical Unit

The PA‐Southside Clinical Unit provides hospital bedside coaching for approximately 60 clinical coaching groups per year. Clinical coaching is facilitated by Interns, JHOs, SHOs, Registrars, Consultants and UQ/Qld Health conjoint appointment Academics.     

At the PA‐Southside Clinical Unit, your clinical coaching sessions may take place at any of the following hospitals:

  • Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital
  • Greenslopes Private Hospital

For further information, please feel free to contact us:


Phone: +61 7 3443 8037



Health Sciences BuildingRoyal Brisbane Clinical Unit

Although Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit may be the furthest clinical unit from St Lucia, it is positioned in a fantastic spot for the Northside students and very close to The University of Queensland, Herston Campus. The Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit has around 220 students per year level attending the purpose built UQ Health Sciences building on the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) site.

There is dedicated study space within the Health Sciences building and many administration staff across both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the MD program to assist students. Students can also take a short walk to the Oral Health Centre on the Herston Campus to seek support from the Faculty of Medicine Student Administration team located in the Student Hub (level 5).

Year 2 Clinical Coaching at the Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit

The Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit (RBCU) provides hospital bedside coaching for 44 clinical coaching groups. Clinical coaching is facilitated by interns, JHOs, SHOs, registrars and consultants. Due to the large volume of students based at the RBCU, approximately 10 groups undertake their clinical coaching sessions at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) each rotation, with care taken to ensure that adequate travel time is allocated in timetabling.  While some students are initially concerned about extra travel time, the feedback from students about their experience at TPCH is overwhelmingly positive as the student load is much smaller, equating to more patient availability.  Practicing clinical skills on the wards and interviewing patients for assessment must occur at the site where your clinical coaching is being undertaken. Students will not complete more than one rotation at The TPCH throughout their second year of the MD program. The benefits of this arrangement are that students will enjoy the varied experiences of doing the majority of their clinical coaching within a large site (RBWH) with a taste of what it’s like working at a smaller site (TPCH).

For further information, please feel free to contact us:


Phone: +61 7 3365 5128