Spotlight on new Medical Student PhDs & MPhils

22 Jan 2017

UQ's Medicine Program is proud of our students’ research achievements and it is hard to keep up with their productivity. This page is dedicated to highlighting some of our most prolific research students.

Congratulations to our new MD-PhDs and MD-MPhils for 2017 as part of the Clinician-Scientist track.


  • Rob Ellis
  • Miles Seidel
  • Martin Lo
  • Guy Helman


  • Sharon Del Vecchio
  • Sarah Vitug
  • Kelvin Kan
  • March DeLuca
  • Matthew Kim
  • Sam Gerhaghty
  • Alisha D’Souza
  • Emily Sneath
  • Thomas Coates

They join the currently enrolled medical students at various stages of their research higher degree.


  • Tim Edwards
  • Casey Linton
  • Owen Hawksworth
  • Stephen Chester
  • Daniel Bobo
  • Ji Yeon Kim


  • Xi May Zhan
  • Andrea Lamprecht
  • Amanda Goh
  • Ariel Ho
  • Ahron Rahel
  • Nilesh Kumta
  • Kandice Keogh

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