This project is to optimise the RELEASE resources. RELEASE is a multi-modal intervention designed to prompt and support safe discontinuation of long-term antidepressants. RELEASE includes information about long-term antidepressants and withdrawal symptoms, a decision aid, and antidepressant drug specific tapering protocols.

The research adopts the ‘person-based approach’ (Bradley et al. 2018) to integrate the perspectives of people who will ultimately use RELEASE resources. People who are or have been on long-term (>12 months) antidepressants take part in 'think aloud' interviews, sharing their feedback and insights on the RELEASE resources. Interviews are audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim and analysed to identify areas for improvement and refinement.

Research team

Professor Katharine Wallis, A/Professor Maria Donald, Dr Suzanne McDonald, Dr Mark Horowitz.


Mayne Bequest, Mayne Academy of General Practice.
Professor Katharine Wallis

Professor Katharine Wallis

Mayne Professor and Head,
Mayne Academy of General Practice
Head, General Practice Clinical Unit
Dr Maria Donald

Associate Professor Maria Donald

Deputy Director - Research
Centre for Health System Reform and Integration
Associate Professor
General Practice Clinical Unit

Dr Suzanne McDonald

Research Fellow
General Practice Clinical Unit
Honorary Research Fellow
UQ Centre for Clinical Research