Researcher biography

Dr Suzanne McDonald is a clinical researcher and health psychologist. Suzanne is a Research Fellow in the General Practice Clinical Unit and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Clinical Research. Suzanne's research interests focus on (1) developing and applying N-of-1 trials and single-case designs in areas within medicine, psychology and digital health (2) understanding and changing health-related behaviours in patients and health professionals 3) designing and evaluating complex interventions.

Suzanne is the co-chair of the International Collaborative Network for N-of-1 Trials and Single-Case Designs (, a global network of over 500 academics, researchers and clinicians in 34 countries across the globe who are interested in advancing individualised science.


  • MA Psychology, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • MRes Psychology, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • MSc Public Health & Health Services Research, Newcastle University, UK
  • MSc Health Psychology, Northumbria University, UK
  • PhD Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, UK
  • Health Psychology Qualification, British Psychological Society

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