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The Centre has developed and promoted this approach to partnership and implementation research since 2011. This methodology draws researchers and end-users together far earlier and more powerfully than in traditional research translation. Academics, consumers, clinicians, and service organisations work together from the outset to frame relevant  research questions, create research designs that map ‘real-world’ environments, and commit to both implementing the research and utilizing its findings in the broader health service community.  The ‘Co-Creation Paradigm’, developed in the management world over 10 years ago, emphasises ongoing, collaborative ‘value creation processes’ between multiple stakeholders - to understand and agree desired outcomes, create real innovation, and deliver superior performance. Applying value co-creation to health services research allows the ongoing involvement of multiple stakeholders (across public, private and third sectors) as co-creators from research development to implementation and adoption of co-created outcomes.  “The interlocking of end user and researcher across the entire research journey has taken time, patience and flexibility on both sides. Yet the benefits in terms of research translation and utility are significant. Research end users, are critical and willing partners in closing the evidence–practice–policy loop, for the benefit of all communities.”

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