infective endocarditis Queensland (ieQ)

ieQ logoIeQ’s mission is to improve outcomes of endocarditis by advances in diagnosis, management and prevention, via the 4 pillars of education, management, research and collaboration.

ieQ is a Prince Charles Hospital initiative to establish Australia’s first clinical and research collaborative supporting improved outcomes for patients with infective endocarditis.

Established in 2017, and facilitated by a Metro North SEED Grant and extensive clinician in-kind support, the collaborative has established a multi-faceted structural platform. In May 2018, the Collaborative received additional recognition and support from The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation “The Common Good”.


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ACE (Transnational) endocarditis hybrid symposium is provisionally set for Saturday Oct 12th 2024!

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Formation of a multi-state endcarditis body, ACE.

On 11th October 2022, at the inaugural (national) IE registry data-field design open forum, consensus was reached to inaurate a new body to better achieve the aims of this endeavour, ACE Australasian Collaboration in Endocarditis. Access the ACE webpages below.

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 Click here for Qfever/QFIG homepage

ACE ACE (AU + NZ) IE registry/data field design





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