Researcher biography

Maria is a Principal Research Fellow with the Primary Care Clinical Unit and Deputy-Director (Research), Centre for Health System Reform and Integration, UQ-Mater Research Institute. Her research uses a collaborative framework to investigate scalable and transformative primary health care interventions to improve patient health outcomes. Maria has an emerging international research profile investigating long-term antidepressant use in general practice. She is a highly experienced mixed methods researcher with a background in public health research and health psychology. In her 20 year academic career she has been involved in the design and delivery of research and evaluation projects in areas covering health services research with a focus on primary care, mental health, integrated GP-specialist care, chronic disease prevention and management, and sexual health. Prior to taking up her current positions, between 2012 and 2018, she was Senior Research Fellow with UQs NHMRC CRE in Quality & Safety in Integrated Primary-Secondary Care where she directed the evaluation (RCT of effectiveness, cost-analysis and implementation) of a GP-based primary-secondary integrated model of care (the 'Beacon model). Before that she was teaching and researching with The University of Queensland's School of Public Health where she was a Senior Lecturer between 2006 and 2012. She also spent seven years in teaching and research at The University of Queensland's Centre for Primary Health Care and five years before that as a researcher with the National Centre for HIV Social Research.

Featured projects Duration
Supporting General Practitioners to Discontinue Long-Term Antidepressant Use
The University of Queensland through collaborative seeding grant: Faculty of Behavioural Science and Faculty of Medicine
RELEASE: REdressing Long-tErm Antidepressant uSE in general practice
RELEASE: Think-Aloud study with patients

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