The biennial symposium aims at establishing a communication platform for students with shared interests in the field of medicine. With the transformation of medical technology and healthcare services in recent years, it has become evermore pivotal for medical students to get involved in a broad range of issues and disciplines on top of clinical knowledge. Apart from the "comfort zone" of biomedicine-related topics, this symposium goes further beyond to explore palliative care developments in healthcare systems as well as how to establish and maintain public health infrastructures.

Throughout these 7 days, prominent scholars are invited to share breakthroughs in their respective areas of expertise, they include Dr. Chen Yuan-Tsong, expert in genomic medicine and also inventor of Myozyme, the first ever drug treatment for Pompe disease; Dr. Erin Kross, a clinician dedicated to raising awareness for emergency medicine & palliative care; Dr. Tsai Jin-Wu, a neurologist with outstanding research in developmental biology & bioimaging; and Dr. Chen Wei-J., Dean of College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, also an expert in psychiatric and genetic epidemiology. A series of group discussions are also designed to provide participants with the opportunity to interact with peers from all cultural backgrounds and brainstorm solutions from various perspectives.

Registration is now available on our official site, and is scheduled to end on November 30, 2016. For further information regarding the detailed program and fees, and to stay updated with latest announcements, please refer to our official site and Facebook page. We sincerely invite your students to join us. Should any questions arise, please kindly contact our team via email:

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National Taiwan University College of Medicine