Research support

The Research Development Officer (RDO) provides advice on research funding schemes and opportunities, coordinates funding application processes, and links researchers to other sections in relation to research governance, compliance obligations and the conduct and reporting of your research projects.


HDR support

The HDR Liaison Officers (HLOs) provide advice and assistance to HDR students and supervisors about HDR opportunities, applications, scholarships, enrolment, candidature management, milestones and thesis submission.

Email the team at or see all Health Team HLO contact details on the Graduate School website.

Research partnerships

Our Research Partnerships Managers (RPM) facilitate the interaction between UQ researchers and their external partners, ranging from industry to government departments. They identify suitable partners and assist with the management of research contracts and agreements, liaising with all of the relevant areas of UQ on your behalf. They are also able to advise on industry facing funding schemes that may be utilised to leverage funding.