Antimicrobial stewardship programs aim to improve the appropriate use of antibiotics. In primary care, antimicrobial stewardship programs are characterised by the selection implementation strategies and by the targets of these implementation strategies. Although several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of antimicrobial stewardship programs in general practice or primary care, economic evaluations of antimicrobial stewardship programs have predominantly been in the hospital setting. The aim of this proposed study is to model the cost effectiveness of a hypothetical antimicrobial stewardship program in primary care.

UQ Researchers

Dr Greg Merlo

Dr Greg Merlo

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
General Practice Clinical Unit

Associate Professor Lisa Hall

Associate Professor in Epidemiology
School of Public Health

Mr Befikadu Legesse Wubishet

Research Officer
Centre for Health Services Research

Associate Professor Tracy Comans

NHMRC Boosting Dementia Res Fellow
Centre for Health Services Research
Health Informatics, Ageing & Geriatrics

Emeritus Professor Mieke Van Driel

Emeritus Professor
General Practice Clinical Unit


Dr Teresa Wozniak
Senior Research Fellow 
Australian Society for Infectious Diseases