1. Overview

The Medicine Program at UQ is a full-time, professional degree program that prepares students for safe and effective clinical practice. The program emphasises the need for students to take responsibility for their own learning, and manage a busy schedule. Both are important skills within the demanding profession they have chosen and developing them is a key part of the curriculum.

Students are responsible for maintaining continuous enrolment over the course of this program. Participation in all required learning activities, as outlined in Appendix 1, is a prerequisite to effective learning. These guidelines are designed to outline expectations of attendance and participation in accordance with the Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ) Inherent Requirements and the Medical Board Good Medical Practice: A Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia. This supports the requirements of the program while at the same time emphasising the importance of active learning, clinical immersion and professional development in the education of future doctors.  

In accordance with the UQ Student Charter, the Faculty of Medicine expects students to take full advantage of the learning opportunities available to them so that they can be optimally prepared for internship and post MD medical training. These guidelines acknowledge that students are at postgraduate level and able to take responsibility for ensuring that they capitalise on the many learning opportunities available to them as they develop into capable, caring medical practitioners.

Not attending and/or not participating in learning activities may be an early sign that a student is having difficulty with their studies. Early intervention to support students is important to us and therefore attendance and participation is monitored in several ways using human resources and software systems. We expect that students inform us if they are absent or plan to be absent, giving a reason why and providing appropriate supporting documentation.

These guidelines detail procedures for communicating absences in a professional manner and act as a reminder that absences do not relieve a student of the obligation to meet all academic requirements of the program.