In these webinar sessions short presentations will be given by current registrars and consultants. The aim of the series is to give you insight into their pathway choices and tips to help you guide yours. There will be opportunities to ask questions along the way!


Dr Alyce Scanlan
Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainee

For our first session, Dr Alyce Scanlan will give a brief introduction to Emergency Medicine.

Alyce is an Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainee, with a special interest in medical education and wellbeing. Alyce has a young daughter (with a second child on the way), and with what little time she has free loves reading fantasy books, binge watching new TV shows (or just re watching The Office for the millionth time), and playing boardgames with friends.

In her talk, Alyce will cover what ED work actually entails, the pros and cons of working in Emergency Medicine, and how the ACEM training program is structured.

Dr Rachele Quested
UQ graduate and a Radiology Trainee
Academic Lead for Medical Careers, Office of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland

Rachele Quested is a Radiology Trainee, also with an interest in medical education and wellbeing. Rachele has six children, between the ages of 2 and 16, is learning the piano and enjoys triathlon and trains when she can!

In her talk, Rachele will cover what Radiology work actually entails, the pros and cons of working in Radiology and how to increase your chances of getting on to the program.

Please join us from 12.15pm (AEST) via Zoom: (Password: 658639).

Watch this space for future events in our series.


Via Zoom