Patrick Brown (MD3) Ochsner

Pill Packing Intervention and its Impact on Health Outcomes

Benjamin Cai (MD1)

Investigating the Role of Striatin/STRIPAK in Tight Junctions

Benjamin Cai (MD1)

SDS/DTT As a Novel Antigen Retrieval Method in Immunofluorescence

Abhigyan Dwivedi (MD1)

Cellular Automaton Model for Glioblastoma Cell Proliferation

Brian Gutierrez (MD1) Ochsner

Identifying Self-Efficacy in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Patients as a Component in Defining Knee Rehabilitation Compliance

Syed Hassan (MD4) Ochsner 

Using Intersectionality and the Relationship of Mental Health Illness Stigma Mechanisms to Understand Their Impact on Access to Healthcare and Quality of Life in Patients with Mental Illness

Tyler Kidd (MD4) Ochsner

Student-Led Telehealth Outreach To Connect Low-Health Literate, High-Risk Patients In New Orleans To Ochsner Health During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Harini Priya Rajasekaran (MD3) Ochsner

Calcineurin Inhibitor Pain Syndrome (CIPS): Unraveling the Unusual Pain

Nupur Savalia (MD3) Ochsner

Significant decrease in door-to-needle times for Acute Ischemic Stroke after implementation of Code Stroke protocol in Brisbane

Thomas Vu (MD3) Ochsner

Morphometric Parameters of the Kidney Determined from CT Imaging in a Large Sample of Living Kidney Donors

Marlie Winslow (MD2) Ochsner

Co-morbid mental illness and chronic disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Alixandra Wong (MD4)

Comparative Analysis of Models of Care and its Impact on Emergency Cholecystectomy Outcomes