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30 May 2022

PublishingUQ MD Students’ Reported Research Achievements: 2018-2021

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Download the 2019 UQMS-OMASA Research Conference Abstract Book (PDF, 551.3 KB)

The following students have gone above and beyond in 2022:

UQ Winner – Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand 3M+1Q

Congratulations to MD-PhD student Joshua Monteith, who placed first overall and won the People’s Choice award at the inaugural Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ) 3M+1Q competition on Saturday 26 November. All medical schools in Australia and New Zealand were invited to nominate one student to compete in the MDANZ 3M+1Q competition, a new initiative by the Research Educators Network (REN). Over 100 attendees with representatives from 20 schools attended the webinar.

Cody Frear, MD-PhD: Congratulations to Cody who won the runner-up place for the Faculty of Medicine Higher Degree Research Student of the Year. This is a prize given to the most impactful and productive PhD within the Faculty over the past year.  It is very competitive among all PhD candidates across three schools and three Research Institutes within the Faculty.

Raushan Lala, MD-PhD: Raushan presented a talk at the Trauma 2022 conference (Australasian Trauma Society Meeting) entitled ‘Recovery of platelet aggregation function following removal from the traumatised vascular milieu’ for which they won the Best Medical Presentation award.

Year 3 medical student Fiona Wong, recently published as first author, a research article in the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health (IJERPH).  Biodiversity Effects on Human Mental Health via Microbiota Alterations

2022 - Jessica Mills, MD-PhD - Jessica has just had a review paper published in the journal Biomaterials Science for which she is not only first author but also drew the cover art for the journal. Additionally, Jessica’s article was chosen as a “Hot Topic”.

2022 - Aaron Lerch Best Poster Presentation at the 2022 Australasian Students Surgical Conference Gold Coast. 

The following students have gone above and beyond in 2021:

2021 – Andrew Su, MD-MPhil - Research news from Andrew Su, who is on his way to Stanford University in California to start his Fulbright Scholarship!  Andrew has been very busy lately and had a first author paper accepted. The paper, “A Deep Learning Model for Molecular Label Transfer that Enables Cancer Cell Identification from Histopathology Images” will be published in NPJ Precision Oncology. This is high impact Nature Partner Journal.  And Andrew also received the Medical and Science Student Grant to attend the Pathology Update 2021 Conference of The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia (RCPA). 02-04 July, 2021 in Sydney.  Although he couldn’t travel to Sydney and present in person, he was able to attend virtually and presented his poster “Understanding the tumour immune microenvironment of stage III colorectal cancer using multiplexed imaging mass cytometry”.

2021 - Hannah Triscott Best Oral Presentation at the AACR-KCA joint conference on Precision Medicine in Solid Tumors in Seoul, Korea/ Zoom  (

2021 - Hannah TriscottAwarded a START Single Cell Fellowship (Millennium Science).

2021 - Hannah TriscottASI Attendance Bursary Recipient to the 49th Annual Scientific Meeting.

2021 - Joshua Monteith, MD-PhD, recipient of the Douglas H.K. Lee Family scholarship

2021 – Chloe Yap, MD-PhD, 1st author paper in Cell (impact factor = 41.5)

2021 – Chloe Yap  won the Judges’ Award for the Queensland Women in STEM Prize 2021

2021 - Joshua Monteith, MD-PhD, won 1st place poster prize in the 2021 Faculty of Medicine HDR Symposium

2021 – Chloe Yap, MD-PhD, won the Highly Commended prize in the Emerging Achiever Science Award at the 2021 Women in Technology Awards. 

2021 - Gautam Dagur, MD-PhD Ochsner, awarded Ochsner MD-PhD scholarship

2021 - Jonathan Hill, MD-PhD Ochsner, awarded Ochsner MD-PhD scholarship

2021 - Xavier de Luca, MD-PhD, awarded UQ Research Stimulus Package Fellowship

2021 – Rosie Stoke, MD-PhD, won the UQ 3MT Competition.

Stellina Lee (MD4) was the Essay Competition Winner in Royal Australasian College of Surgeons: Women in Surgery 2021. You can read Stellina’s essay at this link.
Women in Medical Leadership: Having a Quota Makes for Better Representation.”

Stellina also published a first author paper in: The Neuroscientist.
Lee, Stellina YH., Yates, N., & Tye, S. (2021). “Inflammatory Mechanisms in Parkinson’s Disease: From Pathogenesis to Targeted Therapies.” The Neuroscientist. 1 (22). DOI: 10.1177/1073858421992265

Andy Ou (MD Year 2): Congratulations to Andy Ou for receiving the 2021 Parkinson's Foundation Summer Student Fellowship for his project, “Targeting novel regulatory mechanisms to inhibit chronic neuroinflammation and neurotoxicity in Parkinson's disease.”  The Parkinson's Foundation established this 10 week fellowship to support students in their pursuit of Parkinson's research (

Chloe Yap MD-PhD received the 2020 Mater Research Institute HDR Prize (Biomedical), and more recently, the 2021 RANZCP Psychiatry Interest Forum Scholarship to the RANZCP 2021 Congress.

Two of our Clinician Scientist students, Lachlan Crawford (MD-MPhil) and Chloe Yap (MD-PhD) completed their Graduate Certificate in Medical Leadership Program in 2020.

Andy Ou (MD Year 2) has a recent publication in Scientific Reports
Ou ZA, Byrne LM, Rodrigues FB, Tortelli R, Johnson EB, Foiani MS, Arridge M, De Vita E, Scahill RI, Heslegrave A, Zetterberg H, Wild EJ. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma is not a biomarker for Huntington’s disease. Sci Rep 11, 3481 (2021).

The following students have gone above and beyond in 2020:

Hennes Tsang (MD-PhD Y3) – Hennes presented an abstract “Neoantigens Are Typically Associated with Intact HLA Class I Presentation in Early-Stage Follicular Lymphoma”, at the American Society of Hematology in 2020.

Katie Robbins (MD-MPhil 2020 Ochsner) – Katie was awarded an Ochsner Clinical School Post- graduate Fellowship

Miles Seidel (MD-PhD 2020 Ochsner) – Miles won 1st place for his oral presentation at the Ochsner Research Day 22 September 2020

Greg Quaife Ryan (MD-PhD 2020) – It was a good year for Greg who received his PhD in September 2020 and graduated the MD in December 2020.  Additionally, he won the International Society for Heart Research PhD student publication prize at the CSANZ2020 conference in December 2020, for the second year in a row!

Crystal Seng (MD-MPhil Y4) – Crystal won the 1st place best Poster Presentation at the Australian Physiological Society

Martin Lo (MD-PhD) and Joshua Monteith (MD-PhD) presented their research at the Faculty of Medicine Research Expo: 26 to 30 October.  

Sam Huth (MD-PhD) Sam was invited to participate on an expert panel of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. 

Crystal Seng (MD Year 3) Runner-up Best Poster Presentation Prize at The Australian Physiological Society Meeting. 1-4 December 2019, Canberra.

Adam Briner (MD-PhD) Adam’s photo of a cell made the journal cover of Cell Reports. 

Jonathan Hill (MD-PhD Y3 Ochsner) Jonathan was awarded a prestigious scholarship from OARSI (Osteoarthritis Research Society International) for his collaborative research on osteoarthritis across three countries

Zorana Lynton (MD-PhD) at Queensland Brain Institute won the best image prize at the QBI Art in Neuroscience Competition for an image of brain cells called “Lightbulb Moment”.

Cody Frear (MD-PhD Y3) Won the 2020 National FameLab 2020 national FameLab championships

Three of our MD Research Higher Degree students were awarded prestigious Fulbright Scholarships. Fulbright scholars:

  • Chloe Yap (MD-PhD) - Institute of Molecular Bioscience and Mater Research Institute
  • Adam Briner (MD-PhD) - Queensland Brain Institute
  • Andrew Su (MD-MPhil) - Institute of Molecular Bioscience

2020 3MT

What a year for 3MT and our MD-PhDs. Did you know… of our MD-PhD students entered the 3MT competitions in 2020. Four made it to the finals of their faculty/institutes, and two won! 

  • Chloe Yap (Mater Research Institute), Joshua Monteith (UQ Diamantina Institute), Zorana Lynton (Queensland Brain Institute), and Hollier ONeill (Critical Care Research Group) all made it through.
  • Additionally, MD-PhD Chloe Yap won the Faculty of Medicine 3MT People’s Choice competition.
  • At the UQ Finals (16 October):  MD-PhD Zorana Lynton represented the UQ Institutes, and Hollier O’Neil represented the Faculty of Medicine, with Hollier winning the UQ 3MT Runner-Up prize for 2020.

Remember: If you have any research news or achievement to share, don’t be shy, and send to  Include your details and information about your achievements plus any images or links.