MEDI7281: Foundations of Medical Research

Foundations of Medical Research (MEDI7281) is a 16-week selective course for second year UQ medical students that runs in semester 2 each year. This course provides students with practical experience conducting a health-related research, translational or development project under the supervision of an experienced researcher.

Prospective students: Are you a UQ medical student interested in learning about research by working on a real-world project? Find out more by reading the information for prospective students document.

Step-by-step details on how to enrol: If you are interested in erolling for this course, you can read the detailed steps on how to enrol in MEDI7281 FoMR document.

Prospective Supervisors: Are you a health-focussed researcher or innovator interested in helping to develop the next generation of research-literate medical doctors and clinician scientists? Could your research benefit from involving medical student collaborators? Researchers from across a broad range of disciplines and settings are invited to submit a project proposal to supervise one or more students as part of this course. Before you submit a project proposal to supervise a student, please check the key dates and read the information for prospective supervisors.

Submit a project proposal

PATIENT DATA: If you are thinking about proposing a project which involves hospital/patient data it is important to discuss your project with your Research Governance Officer before submitting a proposal. Please be aware that students will not be able to access Queensland Health IT systems (including iEMR) for research purposes. However, you should be able to arrange for students to have access to separate research databases containing deidentified patient data, provided the student is added to your new or existing ethics application. 

Testimonials from students and supervisors

“I found this entire course to be an amazing experience, and it has given me invaluable insight into the research process.” (MEDI7281 student, 2019)

“My student was fantastic and made a great contribution to the team.” (MEDI7281 supervisor, 2019)

“Having the chance to really interact and work with real researchers and having a defined goal made it feel like I was doing genuine work.” (MEDI7281 student, 2019)

“I am thoroughly enjoying the entire experience… while it is at times difficult, I am learning a lot and my confidence and eagerness to continue pursuing research is growing.” (MEDI7281 student, 2019)

""Teaching is harder than doing yourself, so it helps to reinforce principles. Young people often come up with novel ways of completing tasks - so we learn from them too!" (MEDI7281 supervisor, 2020)

“Being able to choose the desired research project was an amazing opportunity to do research that I am actually passionate about. Being able to talk to real researchers regularly and create a bond was also amazing.” (MEDI7281 student, 2020)

“Genuine help with progression of the project!” (MEDI7281 supervisor, 2019)

"The students were enthusiastic and I enjoyed teaching them. We have progressed some aspects of research with their help and they are keen to stay involved." (MEDI7281 supervisor, 2020)

"It was an amazing experience working with the students. They were highly motivated and eager to contribute to our research. We hope to continue working with them on our ongoing projects." (MEDI7281 supervisor, 2022)

Important information about this course

2023 MEDI7281 Online Symposium

Past projects and feedback

Resources for current supervisors and students


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